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A collection of screenplays either written or co-written by me. Formats include: Shorts, Features, Commercial Spots, and Television Pilots.

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Historical Fiction/Dark Drama Feature Screenplay 2023 (130 Pages)

In 1927 in a small town in southern Louisiana, housewife Ada LeBeouf has an affair with the town’s beloved doctor. When the town gossip gets back to Ada's abusive husband, he threatens to kill them both. But soon after, Jim LeBoeuf is the one who turns up dead. After a two-week long trial and a two-year stay of execution, Ada LeBeouf was the first woman to ever be sentenced to death by the state of Louisiana in a double execution with Dr. Thomas E. Dreher in one of the most explosive sex-murder trials ever reported.

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Dystopian Drama Television Pilot 2023 (40 Pages)

Imagine if our closest relatives never went extinct. Homo neanderthalensis were NOT the mouth-breathing cavemen we thought they were. In this dystopian/post-apocalyptic drama series, we explore a hypothetical world in which our closest relatives never went extinct. They have been hiding from us all this time, developing evolutionarily beyond us, the homo sapiens.

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Short Horror Screenplay 2023 (9 Pages)

A group of successful businessmen interview a young woman to determine her competency, revealing everyone’s intrusive, violent thoughts – including her own.

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60 Second Commercial Spot 2023 (2 pages)

Comedic commercial that plays on the unique name of the hot sauce. Two hot sauce connoisseurs in victorian-era clothing taste different hot sauces until they find the one. They find it, the perfect balance of flavor and heat: D.A.T. Sauce. 

Produced by Don Abner Tabor LLC

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Short Western Drama Screenplay 2022 (16 Pages)

Jessamine Walker is on the run from the law for treason and murder after marrying into the Miwok Tribe in the Sacramento Valley during the height of the California gold rush.

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Dramatic Comedy Television Pilot 2021 (68 Pages)

MEDUSA is a television dramedy about Medusa's quest across Ancient Greece in search of a cure for her transformation all while being pursued by the glory-hunter Perseus. In this retelling of the classic tale, Athena turns Medusa into a gorgon not out of revenge, but out of love for her own protection.

Story Editor and Staff Writer.

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Coca-Cola Refreshing Films Commercial Entry 2021 (2 Pages)

After following the journey of a lifelong movie-goer throughout the different stages of his life, the now-elderly man attempts to attend an evening show in the modern day, only to be baffled by how much the times have changed as he struggles to purchase his movie ticket from a new-fangled kiosk.

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Short Horror Comedy Screenplay 2021 (7 Pages)

During a post-prom night make-out session in the back of a car, Max is suddenly hit with the incredible urge to use the bathroom; in his desperate attempt to relieve himself, he finds himself face to face with a serial killer in a women’s truck stop bathroom. 

Produced by MUG Media LLC

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Short Psychological Horror/Thriller Screenplay 2021 (7 Pages)

A young woman blinded by love attempts to get her apathetic boyfriend to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach when he turns out to not be the man she thought he was. 

Placed in the top 20% of the Killer Shorts short horror screenplay competition (2021).

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Short Psychological Horror/Thriller Screenplay 2020 (6 Pages)

After the loss of a young girl at the site of a car accident,  paramedic Craig Miller returns home that night after working the scene, haunted by the patients he couldn’t save. Riddled with guilt and suffering from insomnia-induced delirium, his night takes a turn when he begins seeing the ghost of the dead child. 

Quarterfinalist for the Killer Shorts short horror screenplay competition (2021).

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